Apologia Radio Strikes Back!

LINK: Radio Combat, Assault on Marriage, & Atheism – 6/29/2013
Our friends over at Jeff Durbin Radio Apologia Radio, have responded to our response to their disses. In the immortal words of Master Durbin-San … “it’s Christian radio trash talk”. For those who want to hear it,  here is the link … For those who want to download it, here ya’ go. Below is their description of the show:
Things get a little crazy when Backpack Radio sucker punches Apologia Radio. Listen to our newest episode to hear some shenanigans … Just for the record: Backpack started it! 🙂 

EDITORS NOTE: Apologia Radio started it! Just listen to this show they did where they accuse of us guest-stealing and refer to their show as “superior”. (We also play the clip here). Here’s what else they say about their diss fest … 
Would you believe it if we told you that our friends and hosts of Backpack Radio had the nerve to engage in a public dissing of our wonderful and theologically scrumptious show? We couldn’t believe it either. After a very short-lived period of mourning, the hosts of Apologia Radio felt compelled to respond. But believe us when we tell you:
Backpack Radio shoulda’ neva’ stepped into the ring!
One of the hosts of Apologia Radio
(Wait, is this the wrong Cage?)
Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, baby! Listen-in to Apologia Radio wherein we offer our loving, yet powerful, irrefutable, and hilarious response to Spiritual Fanny-pack Radio’s (Backpack Radio) hosts.
You’ll thoroughly enjoy this fun and playful rivalry between two shows that are actually best-buddies. But don’t tell anyone.
EDITORS NOTE: Before they recorded this show, here was what Pastor Johnny Cage (pictured on the side) said on his Facebook page:
Let’s just say Backpack Radio made a bold move by attempting to come at Apologia Radio on their last show. Get ready for our next show where we give our response to our good-friends over at Backpack.

Just for the record, Apologia added 1-like to their page in order to tag them in this post bringing their total likes to 334. Just want to leave that right here. 

Please go over to Spiritual Fanny-pack Radio’s page (Backpack Radio) and give them some love from us!

EDITORS OUTRO NOTE: How messed up is it that they are just now finally liking our Facebook page?! Dang, and I thought we were friends … =)
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