Shadid Lewis Debate Review (w/a Presby & 2 Atheists)

UTR #42

Urban Theologian host Vocab Malone recently debated Muslim apologist Shadid Lewis on the reliability of the New Testament and the Qur’an. One Presbyterian and two atheists – Marcus Pittman, Forrest Schreick  and Spencer Hawkins – offer their wisdom, opinion, and criticism on both debater’s performances.

Special Guests: Marcus Pittman (Apologia Radio & TV), Forrest Schreick (host, Sunday School’d), Spencer Hawkins (writer, Skeptic Examiner).

Featured Song: The Holy Scriptures (The Mosaic Mixtape, 2012) – Zae da Blacksmith & Average Joe

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One comment

  1. Brett Strong



    Vocab, you have it 100% correct — Rahab LIED!!!! Marcus Pittman is delusional in this matter … Proof? He could not explain what he meant, thus stuttering, when you pressed him for a clear definition. Ultimately he gave up and basically said “shut the hell up Vocab and stop embarrassing me on radio” … Good job bro!

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