Is The Qur’an Trustworthy? (Vocab Malone vs Shadid Lewis)

On October 17, 2015, Muslim apologist Shadid Lewis (Muslim Debate Initiative USA Regional Director) and Christian apologist Vocab Malone (host of Urban Theologian Radio) asked and answered this question: is the Qur’an trustworthy? Both men are orthodox and share a laid-back yet intense street-styled approach. The speakers’ “urban sensibilities” plus TWO (!) 20-minute cross examinations make this debate extremely unique and informative. Filled with information but fast-paced; you do not want to miss this lively discussion!


Negative: Vocab Malone (Christian)
Affirmative: Shadid Lewis (Muslim)
Moderator: Forrest Schreick (atheist)
Time-Keeper: Spencer Hawkins (atheist)
Audio Recording: Marcus Pittman of Crown Rights
Audio Mastering: George Willis of Urban Theologian

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