Apologetics in the Hood (with Christopher Brooks)

UTR #49

“The urban apologist must be a preacher-poet if he or she will capture the souls and minds of listeners”. – Chris Brooks

How is the gospel of Jesus Christ relevant to the city? Abortion, sexuality, the family, and social justice are all apologetic issues. We analyze competitors to Christianity in the inner city: Black Hebrew Israelites, 5%ers, etc.

Special Guest: Christopher Brooksauthor of Urban Apologetics: Answering Challenges to Faith for Urban Believers

Featured Song: The Solution (The Art of Joy, 2015)Jackie Hill Perry feat. Eshon Burgundy

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  2. Mike4real



    The humans on this earth will never obtain the whole entire truth, any group that claims or believes that they have the 100 % right perception of the Gospel is claiming that they are equal to the Most High Creator. My believe that since we cannot ever determine the coming of the Lord our Savior, we should make it our duty too speak against the real evil, and join forces with the good righteous citizens of the earth. STOP debating against theology, attack evil

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