Meet a Mormon MC (with James the Mormon)

UTR #50

James the Mormon is a skilled Mormon MC. He heard when we played his hip hop track on Joseph Smith’s First Vision account. James also heard our show when we discussed LDS rap and Mormon minorities – and he wanted to respond. This show is the result: incredibly intriguing, ultra enlightening and maximally interesting! The discussion was so enrapturing we went way over time. Way. Over. But. So. Worth. It.

Special Guest: James the Mormon (read his blog about his “Restoration” track) 

Featured Song: Dreamin’  Jamesthemormon

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  1. Redfern



    I’m LDS and live in the South. I hear these questions frequently and I thought both sides handled themselves very well. It was clear you guys were asking genuine questions and not just trying to start a fight. It’s ok that we don’t all think the same. We feel like we are right and you feel like you are right. The key is to continually seek Him and strive to be like Him. I’m not going to say the other stuff doesn’t matter but it’s a good foundation. Thanks for doing this.

  2. Jeremiah



    Good discussion. I’m LDS and I believe that you guys were very fair and respectful in discussing the issue of the priesthood restriction by lineage. I think you were quite clear in your ability to convey your thoughts and positions. I do think that you accidentally got stuck on a rigid personal interpretation of what the Lord meant when he spoke to Joseph Smith during the First Vision. James was completely right in how he explained it. Overall it was a good discussion though.

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  4. Thomas



    As a Mormon who served a mission and witnessed people from all different cultures and nations join our church and undergo the same experience James described happing to himself, it has always amazed me how threatened other Christians feel by our doctrine. So many study it and have numerous books on our history from a slanted view.
    Props to James the Mormon for keeping his cool with his simple yet powerful faith in the face of an obviously prepared attack on his faith. Nice try pretending like this wasn’t the case host. I suggest the authors of this podcast seek answers to their questions about Mormonism in a fairer mode of discussion if they genuinely want to get at the truth (which is suspect is the case despite misguided good intentions).

    For anyone interested in a fair analysis of LDS doctrinal questions, I suggest you read the Book of Mormon and ask God if its true. That is honestly the best way to settle the question. We see it over and over as Mormons. It has happened to many millions of people on around the world and for nearly 200 years. It has happened to me. It works. Don’t take my word for it. Just read and pray about it yourself. What do you have to lose?

    If all you’ve ever heard about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is negative or biased then you obviously won’t be tempted by my offer. In that case I recommed searching the specific criticisms of Mormonisms that you’ve heard and honestly find out if they are accurate. The FairMormon wiki is becoming is perhaps the easiest way to do this. Then you will at least see that there legitimately is a vast amount of fair scholarship that has been done both inside and outside of the church backing up the claims of our doctrine and that it’s simply just ignored by everyone except those who want to honestly know the truth about our faith. A good place to start this speech is a recent academic conference set up by FairMormon: Thanks

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