Black Hebrew Israelites vs. Christian Apologist Vocab Malone (raw street audio)

Vocab saw black Hebrew Israelites yelling loudly at bypassers in Phoenix, AZ. He asked: “what is the gospel?” That question turned into an hour and a half conversation. BHI is very concerned with ethnicity and skin tone. Vocab tried to focus on salvation by grace through faith. This recording is helpful for Christians wanting to understand this group’s theology better so they can share the gospel with them.

Heads Up: The audio is UNCUT and has crazy profanity

Special Song: Absolute Truth (Forward, 2015)Flame


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  1. Mfundisi Kitchen



    What’s up Vocab?

    Hey my name is Mfundisi and I just wanna say all love for you reaching out and engaging with the Hebrew israelites. Bro i thought you did really well with keeping cool and trying to stick to the point. All love fam. As a person commonly recognized as african american, ive been dealing with the theology and teachings of the Hebrew Israelites. So i thought perhaps i could share some things ive learned about their theology.

    I don’t know if you know but there are some very intelligent people teaching on the nature of God within that Community! And there are alot of arguments you can go with to help clarify certain things to them. I gotta applaud you for keeping your during the whole thing. Check out a video called “is YHWH a racist,” under the channel Knesset Yeshua (I believe that’s it. I think those brothers do a great job and systematically tearing down biblical analysis with the brothers youre talking too.
    They actually got love for Christians but they affiliate as Hebrew israelites. Ill post the link as well
    I think it will help for your study and dialogue as well as give you more information on how to deal with them.
    Another thing:
    I think the disconnect for the Hebrew Israelites is that when you put there doctrine into the mindsets of the Jewish people in the new testament, things just don’t add up. And i actually think the Hebrew israelites make some really good points in that. 1.) The salvation Yeshua (Jesus) brought in establishing was for Israel. This is true. However a good angle you can take at that is by using the lady who beg for Jesus to heal her daughter and He responds by saying it is not good to give to dog was is for the house of Israel. And she said even the dog eat scraps. You might already know, but they will argue that that lady was a Samarian (and the head of samaria was Ephraim meaning she was a jew), they may or may not bring up the fact that there were pagan nations in Samaria that WEREN’T Jews and were called Gentiles. So I think that’s a good angle that will make them go back and read and really dialogue with you.

    Far be it from to offer a seminary student any advice on how to reach out, but perhaps I can point you to some more resources about Hebrew Israelites? Alot of the information is hard to find I think sometimes and some of the more clearer teachings on proper doctrine that lines up with world history shows up in. I mean I got ALOT of good arguments on this group in terms of just their doctrinal beliefs and how it matched up with the way God treated the Israelites and the world in general. And I’d like to share it with yall if that’s cool.

    Man look Idk who runs this website but I just wanna say thank you being a disciple of the Lord and not just staying comfortable and dialoguing with people with patience. This site lead me to believe that I wasn’t the only Christian out there engaging with these doctrinal beliefs.

    Would love to discuss either on this comment board or perhaps thru email. Or some other forum. I’d just really like the chance to talk with you and share some info. Lord willing.

    Much love.
    Mfundisi Kitchen

  2. Mfundisi Kitchen



    Hey to anyone it may concern too,

    Here is a video by some.Hebrew israelites who teach that YHWH isn’t a racist. You’ll find a very distinct doctrinal belief here that is more in line with Christian thinking back up by study of the Hebrew language. Bro. Zadok and Bro. Jacob I think teach well regarding this subject. As promised you’ll find the link right above.

    All love man. Keep up the good work. 😀😀

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