Why She Left the Hebrew Israelites (with Hannah Spivey)

UTR #60

Hannah Spivey is a former (so-called) “Hebrew Israelite” woman. She penned a gripping, compelling and unique memoir about her experience. Her goal in sharing is to help other women. NOTE: Hannah is no longer involved with this group but is not yet a Christian. Pray for her! 

Special Guest: Hannah Spivey, author of Why I Abandoned the Hebrew Israelite Religion (NOTE: the book contains graphic and explicit language.)

Featured Song: Where’s Love (The Art of Joy) – Jackie Hill Perry feat. John Givez

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  1. Jerome Danner



    Thank you, Brother Vocab, for having Ms. Spivey on your show!

    Thank her for coming and speaking about her time in that group! I will pray for her! Please send her some love for me from Georgia!

    By the way, that DNA test “argument” against Hebrew Israelites’ supposed lineage is (I think) a good argument. I wonder how they would argue back against it.

    Also, I love the song at the end of the episode!

  2. winston ramotselisi



    Personally,i am of the view that Hannah made a correct decision by abandoning this cult as that will make it easier for her to explore other beliefs,especially Christianity.

  3. James



    I asked that question. They believe it’s distorted and precentaged that favors European interest more than theirs. They are sick power seeking individuals.

  4. Vocab Malone



    Thank you, brother. Not sure if you heard, but she was also on Dr. Micahel Brown’s radio show!

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