Why Do We Like Villains? SUICIDE SQUAD MOVIE DISCUSSION (with Super Theologian)

Suicide Squad is a DC movie designed to make the audience root for the bad guys. Why do we like comic book villains, anyway? Watch as we wax theological on comic books, movies, and The Joker.

Special Guest: Super Theologian aka Kyle J. Howard of the Coram Deo podcast

Featured Song: Geek Mode – Cutright of JustHis League

[Recorded live 2016/08/02 on Koinonia Radio on Faith Talk 1360 KPXQ]

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  1. Jerome Danner



    Great discussion between these two gentlemen! Also, I liked the song at the end.

  2. Vocab Malone



    These convos are lots of fun and it’s great to find unique hip hop gems!

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