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Gospel Through Rap (Sermon by Vermon Pierre)

It’s important we pay attention to words in music. We should fill ourselves with words that help us focus on God’s glory. Pastor Vermon’s “Gospel Through Rap” sermon shows how hip hop music can be used for evangelism, education and edification.

BONUS: praise and worship rap songs recorded live Sunday morning at Roosevelt Community Church as part of this sermon series!

Featured Songs:
“You Are Good” x Vocab Malone, DJ Cre One
“Awesome” x Davis Absolute, Bless
“Come Thou Fount” x Yuney
“Revelation Song” x Vocab Malone, Verse
“Celebrate (He Lives)” x Satellite Kiid (GNG)
“Empty Me Out” x Conscience

RCC Singers: Tina Estes, Taylor Anderson, Kirsten Snyder, Jessica Tucker

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