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Complete Audio of Black Hebrew Israelites “Battle” (Christian Pastor vs. BHI)


Black Hebrew Israelites Vs. Christian Preacher [FULL AUDIO]

Here is *the complete audio* all together

One Saturday my wife and I saw some Black Hebrew Israelites yelling loudly at all the bypassers at Camelback and 19th Ave (Phoenix, AZ). We were on our way to the Toy Fair so I didn’t want to really talk to them but my wife really thought that I need to. So I said if they are still there when we roll back by, I’ll try to witness to them a bit. 6 GI Joes, 2 Hulks and one hour later, they were still there. So I got out of the car and began what turned into a 13 part conversation (it lasted an hour and a half, I’m gonna post the audio up in 13 different parts).

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